Travel Insurance

Going on a vacation is a great way to reconnect with life, friends, and family. It is also the ideal way to go on an experiential soul-searching journey with your own self. Undeniably, everyone wants the journey to be flawless, without any hiccups, hassles, or troubles. However, there are times when unforeseen circumstances come calling and knocking on the door that leaves you all hassled up. A major part of the hassle can be well addressed by taking travel insurance. What has been generally seen is that vacationers usually ignore the aspect of taking travel insurance thinking that it is a waste of money or not worth the money being charged.

Let us see what travel insurance is and what are the ten top reasons to have travel insurance with you when travelling?

Travel insurance, as can be interpreted from the name is a types of insurance that is bought when people travel from one place to another. The purpose is to safeguard you and your pocket in case there are any exigencies or emergencies during travel or till the vacation lasts.

There are enough grounds that justify the purchase of the right travel insurance. Let us see the ten top reasons:

  1. Medical crisis

Whether you are travelling within the country or abroad, it is always smart to have travel insurance because it takes care of any medical emergencies that can come up suddenly. The last thing that you have on your mind when you go out for a vacation is an illness or a medical complication. But, such conditions can crop up anytime; hence, you need to be prepared to handle the same effectively.

When travelling abroad, especially this is crucial because in Western countries like the US the cost of healthcare is too high. Your ongoing health insurance will usually not cover the medical expenses you incur outside the country. Also, many hospitals abroad will not accept the health insurance policies you have.

  1. Loss or delayed baggage

When your baggage goes missing, the insurance company will pay you a certain sum of money to cover the loss. In case the baggage is delayed, the insurer will pay you personal effects amount to buy essential things for the while.

  1. Loss of passport and other documents

This is another unforeseen event that comes as a shock. If you lose your passport or any other document during the travel, your insurance will help you with the expense of getting a duplicate or a new passport issued.

  1. Travel insurance is a must if you are travelling to certain international destinations

Countries like the UK, Austria, Portugal, Greece, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, and Luxembourg mandatorily require travel insurance without which visa is not granted to these countries. US, Australia, and Canada have a rule that when the traveler is 60 years old or more, travel insurance is compulsory.

  1. The flight gets cancelled and/or delayed

Such scenarios can happen anytime during domestic or international travel. The airline may not reimburse the expenses in many cases. However, if you have your travel insurance, you get the ticket reimbursement done fast and you can also rebook your ticket for a different day or flight.

  1. When travelling to remote places, travel insurance proves to be a savior.

If you are travelling to remote places on the Earth where medical facilities and other infrastructure is not that well-developed, you must get travel insurance so that you have no issues in case of medical emergencies or any other crisis.

  1. Fraud

When traveling, it is likely that you lose your debit and credit cards – these could be stolen or misplaced. In such cases, there are high chances that the person who has stolen the cards or finds them start to use them. This way you start to lose money in a foreign place with no help or assistance. Your travel insurance will refund you a certain amount that you lose with applicable conditions.

  1. Personal liabilities

In case, during your travel or stay, a third-party causes damage to you or your property or the other way around, the travel insurance will cover the expenses towards the damages.

  1. Daily allowance during a medical emergency

This happens when the insured person gets hospitalized due to a medical emergency. The insurance company will pay a certain preset amount as a daily allowance to cover your fooding and communication-related expenses.

  1. In case disasters

Suppose the place where you go for your vacation has been hit by a natural disaster or even man-made crisis. These could be floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, storms, and hurricanes, or an act of terrorism, explosions, etc. In such dire situations, it is your travel insurance that will offer cover for the finances and expenses required to move to another place to stay.

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