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Port Edward

Situated in the Hibiscus Coast of KwaZulu Natal, Port Edward was named after the Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VII. In 1947 it became a village - in fact the last village in KwaZulu Natal. Today Port Edward is a popular holiday destination.

Port Edward boasts flawless and peaceful beaches that are protected for swimmers. Silver Beach is one such beach and is also a popular fishing destination. Fishing is one of the most popular sports in Port Edward. The gullies, rocks, surf, river and lagoon all offer a wealth of fun with line and rod. Also, enjoy ski boat launches from the main beach which offers thrills for spectators as they launch and land whilst fighting the elements of the rough surf.

The beachfront of Port Edward is also home to South Africa's longest supertube! For scuba diving enthusiasts, there is a mystical shipwreck 300m from the beach known as St John (San Joao) Shipwreck. This Portuguese ship was wrecked close to Port Edward in 1552 and is the earliest known shipwreck on the KwaZulu Natal Coast.

Overlooking Silver Beach is an interesting sightseeing spot known as Tragedy Hill. It was so named in 1831 after Zulu Warriors massacred the family and followers of pioneer Henry Flynn in a misunderstanding over stolen cattle. The Zulu King was devastated after learning that the people had been killed by mistake and ordered the man who started the rumour to be executed by one of the surviving settlers who was given five head of cattle as a reward.

One of the most popular attractions of Port Edward is the ‘Sardine Run’. Countless millions of tiny silver sardines head north from the Eastern Cape and reach the Zulu Kingdom waters at Port Edward. These sardines are pursued by the most well-equipped and ravenous predators on earth. By the time these unfortunate sardines reach Port Edward, they have already acquired a mass of unwanted attention and are in a state of utter frenzy. This agitation increases as more and more waiting predators join the commotion. The view is of an exploding, silver-purple hued ocean surface being attacked from the air by numerous strong squadrons of Cape Gannets and cormorants as well as predators from the watery deep.

The unspoiled and lush forest areas of Port Edward make for fantastic sight seeing and hiking. These beautiful forests are home to over 200 species of birds as well as wildlife. In Port Edward, one can enjoy more than golf at the Country Club. This 9 hole course is short but testing with striking coastal and inland views. Water comes into play and the sloping fairways can be tricky but overall very enjoyable.