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A country known for its beautiful landscapes and mind-blowing scenery; Mozambique is truly a delightful country to visit. Located on the southeastern coast of Africa, Mozambique is blessed extensively with a vast range of natural resources and beautiful people.

Mozambique is almost untouched and offers its guests a paradisiacal travel experience.

Stretching along the sunny east coast of Africa is Mozambique, the dark horse of Africa. With its troubled past and developing tourism industry, it is a bit of an enigma, but it is also a country that wears its mystery and rugged beauty like a little black dress and whose wild charm you can’t help but fall in love with.

If you are daring enough to make the journey that is.

Mozambique is not for followers of guidebooks and seekers of the ordinary. It is for wayfarers and wanderers. Gypsies and globetrotters. It is a backpacker’s bliss and nomad’s nirvana. It is a country where the journey is unpredictable and the experiences unforgettable.

And while it is indeed the tropical paradise you see on postcards and in travel magazines, the real magic lies hidden in the experiences few speak about and that haven’t been captured on film.