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1 Day Tour - Phezulu - Valley of 1000 Hills

Against the backdrop of the world famous Valley of 1000 Hills, is the location of the PheZulu (meaning high up) Village. Here at the PheZulu Safari Park, visitors are able to truly feel the rhythm of Africa, by getting an inside look into the Zulu culture and its fascinating lifestyle and rituals. The friendly Gasa Clan, will invite you into their world, which is likely to be a family visit you will never forget.

The Gasa Clan, at PheZulu Safari Park, will take you into huts, which are traditionally shaped thatched, beehive huts. Here you will view artifacts, learn about the Zulu rituals and beliefs, and view the spectacular traditional dances, which are performed in traditional dress and with the utmost grace and agility, and a touch of humor!

PheZulu Safari Park is also home to a remarkable collection of reptiles, including the African Python and other indigenous snakes, as well as the Nile crocodiles. But stealing the show is Junior. And don’t let his name mislead you! Junior is a 4.5 meter crocodile who is believed to be over a hundred years old. With these credits to his name, Junior is the oldest and biggest crocodile in captivity.

The PheZulu Safari Park also offers 4x4 Bush drives that showcase a variety of antelope and bird life within the park. The experienced guides will also educate visitors on the traditional uses of certain plants and bushes, and visits a contemporary Zulu homestead. The PheZulu Safari Park greatest challenge is the preserving and rehabilitation of the indigenous bushes and plant life. The Bush drives also allow the visitor to see the magnificent, panoramic views of the picturesque Valley of 1000 Hills park.

The two restaurants, Mbizo and Croctilian, are sure to make your mouth water for their traditional and more adventurous meals. The Mbizo Restaurant is situated in a boma styled environment, and serves barbecues and ‘potjie kos’ on open fires. he Croctilian on the other hand, will serve you anything from a sandwich to a crocodile steak.

PheZulu Safari Park accommodates School Tours, and has self catering, thatch roofed cottages or a rustic campsite available. The Curio & Gift Shop will supply you with a colorful variety of memorabilia, as to remind you of your unique and memorable experiences at the PheZulu Safari Park